I am an experienced Animal Communicator
, Intuitive Consultant and Reiki Master.   I am also an energy practitioner using Reiki and other healing modalities in my work.  Using these skills, I work with people to help them gain valuable insights and better understanding of the loving animals in their lives.  Heartfelt communication between animals and their people often leads to an increased sense of love, understanding and closeness.  Whether your pet is with you or has passed to the other side, I can help you communicate with him or her.

I have been talking to animals all my life, but until six years ago I didn’t believe they were talking back to me.  Through a series of dreams and events I was guided to focus my work on animals.  One day Rory, my beloved dog who has crossed over, came to me and said “I will help you.”  Rory is now present at every animal communication session, assisting me in connecting with your dearly-loved pet.

Animal communication can be helpful in many life events.  If your pet is ill or aging, if a new member (pet or otherwise) is joining your family or if you are experiencing pet loss, I can help.  Or if you just want to know what is on your pet’s mind, I can help.  Bring your heartfelt questions to a communication session with your dearly-loved pet.