I truly believe that we are evolving.
  And as we evolve, our pets are evolving with us.  In this evolution we are becoming closer to our pets; we are bonding more with them more than ever before.  Our pets have the precious ability to touch our hearts in ways even our children, spouses and parents can’t.   I am available to minister, through heart-felt communication, to people and their dear pets as they go through all stages of life.  I truly believe a need for this exists today.

My special area of interest is learning to work more holistically with pets and with their people.  I am studying the energy fields of animals – how they differ from our own and how they are the same and how energetic healing techniques can be applied successfully to animals.  My mission is to use this knowledge and to make a difference in the lives of the animals and the people who love and protect them.

In 1997 my life changed.  I received my First and Second Degree Reiki initiation.  By 1999 I was a Reiki Master.  In addition, I studied Intuitive Earth Energy, graduating from a 120-hour Certification class in Energy Medicine.  The techniques learned there remain a foundation for my healing work today.

I began studying with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere in 1998 and I am currently enrolled in the Healing Light Center Church Pastoral Healer Program.   It is with Rev. Bruyere that I have extensive training in Intuitive Development, Mediumship and “Energy Medicine.”  It was through Rev. Bruyere’s Opening to Spirit workshops that I was guided to begin my gentle and caring work with pets and their people. 

While my learning with the Rev. Bruyere remains a cornerstone to my animal communication and healing work, I have also studied with other renowned teachers such as Animal Communicators Carol Gurney and Teresa Wagner; Spiritual Teacher Jan Venturini; Psychic/Channel Liah Howard and Carol Proudfoot Edgar, Shamanic teacher. 

In addition to my metaphysical path I have a BA in Social Science and have spent many years working in the “high tech” world.  I continue to work there today bringing light and healing into the organization.

I currently make my home within walking distance of the ocean with my husband and two loving and lovely dogs, Avalanche and Cara.