READINGS AND SESSIONS  - Talking with Your Pets
Scheduling a reading is the first step in opening the door to greater love and understanding between you and your beloved pet.  Our animals speak to us in a variety of ways – through pictures, words, and sensations.  The one constant throughout each reading is the overwhelming wave of emotion that our precious pets send to us.  It is through this emotion that you are able to connect on an intellectual level and clearly understand, with your heart, how your pet feels and relates to his or her world.  This is truly “Heart-Magic.” 

What to Expect During a Reading
At the start of our scheduled reading I connect with your pets telepathically, introducing myself and letting them know that I would like to talk to them.  I also work spirit guides, angels, healers and helpers.

The reading begins with a general overview of the energy of the pet(s) in the household.  Many times a beloved pet who has passed to the other side may attend the reading wanting to communicate with you or just hold the sacred space.  Readings are interactive; therefore, short periods of silence sometimes occur when I am talking to your loving companion animal. 

Many clients create a list of questions prior to the start of the reading.  This will ensure that we cover all questions you have on your mind.  It is not necessary to provide a picture, but I will need your pet’s name and a short description prior to our session.

Energetic Healing
Hands on Healing work may also occur at a reading.  By scanning your pet I can provide an energy evaluation, noting areas of energy disruption.  Using Reiki and other healing modalities I provide comfort and support to aid in the healing process.  This work is most helpful if your pets are ill, aging, have a chronic injury or are recovering from a surgery. 

Please note, I do not diagnose as this work does not take the place of veterinarian care. If your beloved pet is ill or injured, my first question is “has your pet seen a vet?” 

Energy Clearing for Your Home
Spring is in the air - and spring cleaning is on your mind!  However, after you rub and scrub and clean and shine your home still doesn't sparkle.  Clearing out the "energetic dirt and dust" is just as important what you do with your broom and mop. 

I've added creating sacred space and energy clearing for your home to my services.   You schedule a session and together we clean and bless your home.  As with all my services, sessions can be done over the phone.  Puts an entirely new meaning to "spring cleaning" doesn't it?

Spring Special:
$30 for a 30 minute clearing.