Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Author of Wheel’s of Light, Founder of Healing Light Center Church. 
Rosalyn is an amazing teacher and internationally acclaimed healer and has been the primary influence in my spiritual growth and development.  See her website for teaching schedules, tapes and more. 

Flower Essence Energy, Rev. Maggie Smith, a gifted flower essence practitioner, creates the finest blends of aromatherapy essential oils, flower essences and tinctures for pets.  “Sweet Dreams” a flower essence spray, is perfect for helping people sleep and a few drops of Animal Calm in your pet’s water will keep them calm and peaceful. 

Dalhart Animal Wellness Group Society (D.A.W.G.S),   In 2003, a fourth grade class asked “Ms. Trull, why do the dogs have to die?”  Ms. Trull couldn’t think of an acceptable answer and so began the amazing and incredible journey of a Fourth Grade teacher and her students in the tiny town of Dalhart, Texas as they started their own animal sanctuary and rescue group.  They have rescued over 4,000 dogs and cats!  They operate TOTALLY off the generous donations of people like you and me.  Read their story – it will open your heart and truly help you understand how we can each change the world, one animal at a time! 

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Started 25 years ago by a group of “best friends” from the Phoenix area, they have been a grass roots movement for “no more homeless pets.”  Nestled in Angel Canyon on the high desert of Southern Utah, Best Friends is home to more then 1,600 dogs, cats, horses, and many other animals.  One summer I spent a week working as a “volunteer” at Dogtown and that’s where I met my Cara (pictured here).  If you’re looking for a vacation hot spot located in one of the most gorgeous places in the U.S., try Best Friends – it will change your life – forever.