Dear Sharon,
I wanted to thank you so much for talking with me and Murphy.
I was really struggling and unsure how I was ever going to be able
to let Murphy go.  You helped me understand what Murphy was going
through, what he was thinking and feeling, what he wanted. . .
these are precious gifts and I don’t think I can express what it means
to me to know these things.  It allowed me to really be there for him
– as much as I was able and give him as much as I could. 
I couldn’t have done it without you.             Michelle, Fremont, CA

Just a little note to express my gigantic gratitude for your loving,
beautiful help with my 4-legged angels.  Earl has successfully not
woken us up since the evening you spoke with him.  Everyone
seems happy and harmonious. 
Thank you so much!           Erin, Monterey, CA

I am an owner of several hybrid cats. One of my cats, “Bob”, tended to shy away from the others. While I did not mention this to Sharon, she picked up on it right away. I was amazed! During our session, I asked Sharon to convey to “Bob” that I really wanted him to have more contact with me and the others. As I am writing this testimonial, guess who is sitting on my lap, purring up a storm? That’s right Bob!!! Thank you Sharon. You are amazing!!!          Mike Johnson

Buddy and Shadow are moving much better together.  And since working with you I do feel the presence and loving support from B.B. as I continue to work with Buddy and Shadow on becoming family.  It eases my heart to know that my cherished cat may not be physically here on earth with me but is still looking out for me. :)   He was my wise cat.  And, apparently still is.   Mary, Santa Cruz, CA

At some point I will put my gratitude for your help into words. Please know that you hold a torch in my life when my light gets dim and that is just a small part of our work together. Thank you so much.   Heather, Malibu, CA

Sadie and Emmie are doing tremendously better. It has taken awhile and like a thousand walks on the trail - but it is working.  Every time the situation gets tense or there's a fight, we go on a walk. At first we'd be going on like four walks in a 2 hour period. The girls got very tired. They actually got to a point where they didn't want to go on walks anymore, can you believe it?  Now, we just go on about one walk when Emmie comes to visit, and it really seems to re-set the balance or something.  They're back to playing and enjoying each other again!  Which is such a big relief for everyone. So thank you for the advice and for giving us insight into the situation!    LN, Fremont, CA